Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson, Inc. was selected to be the Engineer of Record by the Red River Waterway Commission to design and administer the Boyce Recreation Area Dock Construction Project at the Boyce Recreation Facility in Boyce, La.

In order to provide accessible river access and encourage recreational activity in the Boyce area, the Red River Waterway Commission authorized the $1.2 million improvement project at the Boyce Facility. The Boyce Recreation Area Dock Construction Project included construction of a new floating gangway and dock with concrete sidewalks to provide ADA and ADAAG access to the water, new 1/4 mile asphalt nature trail, and new accessible playground facilities. The new floating gangway and dock were designed to be operational during varying water level conditions. The access route was regraded to provide an ADA accessible sidewalk from the parking to the gangway structure. The bank was regraded to allow for the transitional gangway to be in compliance with the United States Access Board’s Accessible Boating Facilities guidelines. In order to maintain the gangway alignment, steel pipe piles were installed with supports at varying elevations. The gangway was installed in segments supported by floats. The segments were connected with hinges and attached to the pile with rollers that allow each gangway segment to rotate and float while maintaining the proper alignment. The dock is supported by floats with guide piles located on each face. Rollers allow the dock elevation to fluctuate with the varying water levels and a transition plate at the gangway/dock connection allows the gangway and dock to move independently while maintaining access. Both the dock and gangway are topped with composite, textured wood planking to provide slip resistance and longevity.

The asphalt nature trail provides a 1/4 mile loop within the park facility and was designed to flow naturally with the existing grades. The 8 ft. width and gentle slopes allow plenty of room to allow people to move in either direction. The nature trail also provides an accessible route to the ADA compliant playgrounds. The playground areas are set up for children 2-5 years old and 5-12 years old. A concrete apron confines the pulverized rubber matting that provides both a soft cushion to land on and ADA accessibility within the playground facilities.

In addition to the required design and construction services associated with these projects, MML&H also performed a topographic survey of the existing facility within the project area, soundings of the gangway and dock locations to determine subsurface contours, and permit assistance/coordination with the US Army Corp of Engineers and State Fire Marshal’s Office.