Professional Engineering and Surveying services for all project phases:

MML&H has developed a long-standing reputation for comprehensive professional services for many types of projects. With engineers registered in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas and Florida, and many of them holding advance levels of engineering degrees, the firm has the capabilities to take the lead role or be part of a team for projects ranging from small to very large scale.

MML&H offers a full range of services, beginning with the planning stage. At this first stage of every project, services offered include feasibility studies, financing analysis and funding procurement, the development of project programs and grant consulting. As the project moves into the development stage, the firm offers on-site work ranging from site evaluations to surveying (boundary, topographic, and construction layout) as well as permitting and property acquisition.

Later in the development stage, inventory and evaluation of existing facilities, site development as well as engineering design and plan development can be left in good hands with the team of experienced engineers and surveyors. As a project moves into the final stage and construction commences, construction cost estimating, construction procurement and construction administration and observation keep the project on a well-controlled financial and time track. MML&H will also provide start-up services, operation and maintenance instructions and manuals and post project performance evaluation and extended warranty period services.

MML&H has assisted public and private sector entities in the development of numerous public, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. From residential and commercial developments to industrial parks and waterway ports. MML&H has been able to help build hospitals, airports, highways and bridges. Our work has been part of daily life in Louisiana via storm drainage systems and pump stations, street improvements, wastewater collection systems and pumping facilities, potable water systems and other public infrastructure projects.

Our project experience has helped improve the lives of thousands of Louisiana residents since the firm's inception in 1968. Our engineers and employees live in the local communities where they impact and enhance the infrastructures. Contact MML&H for information on how we can assist in your next project.