About Us


Founded in 1968, MML&H has made a name for itself as a progressive consulting engineering and land surveying firm offering a wide range of comprehensive services. MML&H stands for the names of the long-standing principals and founders: Jim Meyer, Art Meyer, R.B. LaCroix and Dudley Hixson. In 1997, the firm's leadership completed an internal ownership transition between the founding principals to a group of long-term employees to form the second generation of leadership. When the ownership changed, the incoming leadership team decided to keep the name to honor the long-standing history of the firm and to embrace the instilled values of ethics, professionalism and reputation as the guiding principles for the strategic advancement of the firm.

Robert Hughes, President and CEO of MML&H says, 'I can proudly say that over the 49 years we have been in business, we have worked with over 500 different clients, ranging from federal, state and local government to private enterprise, and the resulting relationships have provided the platform to literally help shape the future of the state.'


The firm received the 2013 Professional Development Award from the NSPE's Professional Engineers in Private Practice for its exceptional career development initiatives and outstanding contributions to the advancement and improvement of the engineering profession. 'The firm has implemented a culture of knowledge transfer. If I find a unique solution, I share this information with my colleagues - we conduct in-house training seminars as often as once a month,' says Glenn Turner, a Vice President at MML&H.

'Our philosophy has always been to find some of the best talent available and mentor them from day one,' adds Hughes. 'As our firm approaches its fiftieth year in business, we prepare some of the brightest minds in the business to be future leaders. Our aim is to keep this organization strong for another half century and beyond.'