The City of Alexandria and Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson, Inc. are pleased to announce that the first phase of a multi-phased major roadway project has been completed.

Residents of Alexandria can now travel safely on Sugarhouse Road without delays or hazardous conditions. This project is one of three major local roadway projects that the City has recently endorsed as being critical to the economic and local neighborhood growth. The construction of this segment of the arterial inner loop will open up several hundred acres for industrial and commercial access and provide direct access to a low-mod income neighborhood that has been relatively isolated since the construction of I-49 through downtown Alexandria in the 1980s.  Sugarhouse Road will ultimately connect I-49 with LA Highway 1 South.

In late 2018, the construction of Phase 1 Roadway from Eddie Williams Boulevard to just beyond Lincoln Road was completed. The 0.8 mile road was completed at a cost of approximately $3.9 million with 80% MPO funding and 20% City funding. The project consisted of a three-lane concrete curb and gutter road, concrete lined channel, three large double barrel RCBC crossings, sidewalks, storm drainage, wetlands   delineation and a Section 404 Corps of Engineers permit for a total construction cost of  $7.4 million. The City also authorized a significant public/outreach effort spearheaded by MML&H. The firm has served as prime consultant for this project throughout the entire process.

The extension of Sugarhouse Road to LA Highway 1 (Phase II) is approximately 1.5 miles long with an estimated cost of $10 million. Currently, the project is planned to include at least three bridges, and a two-lane roadway with shoulders. Due to its proximity to the 100-year flood plain, the project will require an extensive hydraulic model and study to secure the required permits. Once completed, Sugarhouse road should serve as a catalyst to spur economic development in south Alexandria.