Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson, Inc. was selected to be the Engineer of Record by the Central Louisiana Regional Port to design and administer the construction of an addition to its existing Bulk Handlling Fertilizer Facility. MML&H also served as the Engineer of Record for the design and construction of the original Bulk Handling Fertilizer Facility.

The new 5,000 Ton Dome addition was designed to receive fertilizer products from river barge transfers to on-land storage warehouses and/or domes via mechanical belt converyors at the port. The stored fertilizer products are transferred to truck transport by front-end loaders and reclaim conveyor systems. 

The dome structure is a cast-in-place concrete assembly with auger cast concrete shaft piles, concrete ring pile cap, and a concrete product floor slab. The conveyor system consists of carbon steel components (galvanized) and stainless steel connectors and various mechanical components.