October 23, 2014

Funding Solutions

Have you passed out one too many trihalomethane (THM) notification flyers for your water system? Are low pressure problems causing too many complaints? Do your Discharge Monitoring Reports cite too many non-compliance issues? Are you looking for a local match for a federally-funded sidewalk project you would like to pursue?

There are loan and grant programs available to provide the funding for infrastructure improvements and system expansions. Identifying the best funding resources to implement a plan for infrastructure development involving planning, engineering, permitting, and construction can be challenging. Under some situations, leveraging funds from more than one program can be a creative and viable approach to meet your needs. Contact either of our offices if you would like to obtain additional information regarding available funding opportunities. 

October 20, 2014

Town of Bernice Wastewater System of the Year - North Louisiana

Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson, Inc. (MML&H) would like to congratulate Mayor Bill Mitcham and the Town of Bernice for being awarded the Louisiana Rural Water Association Wastewater System of the Year—North Louisiana. In July 2011 ground was broken on a MML&H project to upgrade all areas of the town’s wastewater system and increase the capacity of the treatment plant from 0.24 MGD to 0.603 MGD. The $2.1 million project provided for new influent debris removal and a flow separation structure, a new clarifier with two upgraded clarifiers, and a new bentonite lined equalization basin and pump station to handle peak flows at the plant and stabilize flows in the treatment plant. This construction project also addressed the collection system. A sewer system evaluation was conducted with closed circuit TV. Issues discovered with the video inspection were corrected by lining the gravity sewer mains and trimming sewer service connections if required. Five lift stations were also upgraded as part of the construction. Improvements were completed in September 2012.