Known to be on the 'cutting edge', the England Authority initiated the Roundabout Project at the intersection of England Drive and Vandenburg Drive in 2010, giving Central Louisiana its first roundabout - a modern traffic circle common in many states and all over Europe. The roundabout provides a safe traffic solution with tight geometry and slow speed.

MML&H served as the prime professional on the project, which required planning of a detour through the Airpark to provide safe working conditions. Phase 1 was completed in five months with a total construction cost of $756,500. Package 1 included demolition of existing infrastructure, major utility relocations and drainage, and all roadway construction, from concrete curb and gutter to stamped asphalt truck aprons and crosswalks.

Package 2 began immediately upon completion of the first package and took nine months to complete. This package included masonry retaining walls, lighted fountains, landscaping and irrigation, as well as the renovation of the existing Heritage Park fountain.

The project was completed in December of 2011 at a total cost of $1,662,000 and serves as a testament to the England Authority's commitment to transportation safety and enhancements.