A new mechanical bar screen was added with the expansion of the Walker Wastewater Treatment Plant to a capacity of 1.5 MGD. The bar screen was installed in a new headworks structure designed by Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson, Inc. The screen was installed in front of an aerated grit chamber. Bypass channels and gates were designed to allow the flow to pass to a manual bar screen either automatically or if required for maintenance. Other gates allow the flow to totally bypass the screens and grit chamber. A compacter was provided to receive the screenings from the screen, compact and remove the water, and discharge to a dumper. A new control system was installed to automatically operate the screen and compactor and make them run more frequently, as required for high flow conditions. The screen was designed to be lifted out of the channel for maintenance work. The cost of of the entire wastewater treatment plant project was approximately $6.5 million.